Saturday, October 02, 2010

What a fun visit!

This is a picture of my Uncle Jerald (Mom's brother) and his wife Mare! I had not seen him in 20 plus years. I was so happy to see my Uncle Jerald and to be able to meet his wife Mare. They are both so nice and my kids just took them right in. By the end of the visit - they were Great Grandpa and Great Grandma.......that was so funny! I am relieved that they thought it was funny too. I was explaning to Nathan and Cheyenne that since he is MY uncle that this makes him their Great Uncle and that translated into Great Grandpa and Great Grandma!!! It was so great to see my Mom with her Brother that she has always adored.....absoultely adored!

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Uncle Jerald said...

And we enjoyed you and your whole family. What a wonderful family.

Uncle Jerald & Aunt Mare (Great Grandpa and Grandma)