Monday, October 04, 2010


We were in the kitchen making Rice Krispy Treats and Cheyenne's best little friend Luciana turns to Cheyenne and says: “Have you ever played the Chubby Bunny game”? Cheyenne says: “No, how do you play”? Luciana replies: “Well… stick as many of these marshmallows in your mouth as you can and then you say CHUBBY BUNNY”. I, of course bust out laughing and Cheyenne says “OK” and stuffs 2 marshmallows in her mouth and says “CHUBBY BUNNY”. Thank you for the laugh Luciana – and this is why we adore you! And I am sure you know what happened next.....Nathan comes bouncing in from school a few mintues later and Cheyenne says...."Nathan....have you ever played the.....yep you got it AND in goes 5 marshmallows......CHUBBY BUNNY!

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